Epson ColorFast Ink

Large Format Ink Cartridges

Epson Colorfast™ Ink is a six colour ink set that produces the longest life prints of any other Epson ink technology. When used with Epson media, it is possible to produce large format prints with longevity of up to 200 years. Epson Colorfast™ Ink has a very wide colour gamut, similar to that of Epson dye based ink and is highly stable from the moment it comes into contact with genuine Epson media.

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Epson ColorFast 110ml Light Cyan Pigment Ink Cartridge T485011 $109.00
Epson ColorFast 110ml Magenta Pigment Ink Cartridge T482011 $109.00 Out of stock
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Epson ColorFast 220ml Light Magenta Pigment Ink Cartridge T478011 $169.00
Epson ColorFast 220ml Magenta Pigment Ink Cartridge T476011 $169.00
Epson ColorFast 220ml Yellow Pigment Ink Cartridge T475011 $169.00
Epson ColorFast 500ml Black Pigment Ink Cartridge T5110 $349.00
Epson ColorFast 500ml Magenta Pigment Ink Cartridge T5130 $349.00
Epson ColorFast 500ml Yellow Pigment Ink Cartridge T5120 $349.00